Andhra Pradesh Board Model Question Paper Economics (II) Class - XII

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Time : 3 Hours                                    Max Marks : 100

Section – A (Essay Question)                                  3x10 = 30 Marks

Answer any three of the following.

(1) Explain the role of Education and Health in India.

(2) Indian Economics is an Agricultural Economics. Discuss.

(3) Examine the various defects in agriculture marketing in India.

(4) Critically examine the I.P.R of 1991.

(5) Elucidate the inequalities of Income and Wealth. Examine the factors that influence inequalities.

Section – B (Short Answer Questions).                   8x5 = 40 Marks

Answer any Eight of the following.

(6) What do you understand by dual economics?

(7) What are the determinants of economic development?

(8) Explain how state and market are inter dependent.

(9) Explain the main features of W.T.O.

(10) Mention the uses of women’s education in India.

(11) What are the causes of Unemployment ?

(12) Analyze the trends in the growth of N I since 1950 – 51.

(13) Functions of IDBI.

(14) Pattern of Industrialization after liberalization.

(15) Explain the importance of road transport in India.

(16) What are the objectives of X – Five Year Plan ?

(17) Write a note on the concepts of sustainable development.

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Section – C (Very Short Answer)                  15x2 = 30 Marks

Answer any 15 of the following :

(18) Human Capital.

(19) Economic Development.

(20) Global Market.

(21) Primary Sector.

(22) S.H.G.

(23) Rythu Bazar.

(24) Fragmentation of Land holdings.

(25) Green Revolution.

(26) Cooperative farming.

(27) Agmark.

(28) DWACRA Scheme.

(29) Industrial Estates.

(30) U.T.I.

(31) Industrial Policy.

(32) Infrastructure facilities.

(33) Plan Holidays.

(34) Rolling Plan.

(35) Regional Imbalances.

(36) Environment.

(37) Bio-Diversities.

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