Andhra Pradesh Model Question Paper Zoology - XII

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Time : 3 Hours                       Max Marks : 60

Section – A

(Very short Answer type)                                      10x2=20 Marks

i) Answer all questions.
ii) Each question carries 2 marks.
iii) Diagrams need not be drawn.

1) What is the common feature found in Apoda & Chelonia? Explain.       (2 mark)
2) Explain about “foramen of Panizza”. In which order it is present?          (2 mark)
3) What is Bohr effect ? Name the factors that control the Bohr’s effect.   (2 mark)
4) Explain how “active sites” are exposed’.                       (2 mark)
5) Differentiate between Myxedema & Cretinism.                   (2 mark)
6) A.Rh positive women, whose father is A.Rh Negative, marries Rh Negative Man. What is the possibility that their child be a Rh Negative.                   (2 mark)
7) Hardy – Weinberg law.                   (2 mark)
8 ) Heterosis.                          (2 mark)
9) Austrowhites.                       (2 mark)
10) What are B – Lymphocytes and How are they produced ?                 (2 mark)

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Section – B

(Short Answer Type)                                          6 x 4 = 24 marks

i) Answer any SIX of the following questions.
ii) Each question carries 4 marks.
iii) Every answer may be limited to 75 words.

11) Write three important Characters and Two General Character of Chordata.             (4 mark)
12) Distinguish between Poisonous and Non Poisonous snakes.                   (4 mark)
13) What is chyme ? Explain the future of chyme in the system.                    (4 mark)
14) Draw a labelled diagram of L.S. of heart.                     (4 mark)
15) Explain Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection with Industrial Melanism.           (4 mark)
16) Define Homologous and Analagous organs ?                   (4 mark)
17) Inter phase hither to considered as resting phase. But now it is not so. Explain the activity during this phase.    (4 mark)
18 ) Write about MABS.                (4 mark)

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Section – C

(Eassy Type Question)                                            2 x 8 = 16 Marks

i) Answer any TWO of the following questions.
ii) Each question carries 8 marks.
iii) Every answer may be limited to 300 words.
iv) Draw diagrams where ever necessary.

19) Classify the Animals basing on the Excretory products and write how Urine is formed in rabbit.             (8 mark)
20) Explain the impulse transmission through a nerve, write about Saltatory transmission.            (8 mark)
21) a) As per Mendal one of the characters of the parents will appear in the Progeny. But certain instances it may not happen. Explain.                   (8 mark)
b) Explain the statement “Every test cross is a back cross but not every Back cross is a test cross.           (8 mark)

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