U.P. Combined Medical Entrance Test 2011 for MBBS Admission

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U.P. Unaided Medical Colleges Welfare Association

U.P. Unaided Medical Colleges Welfare Association is a consortium of Unaided Non Minority Medical Colleges in Uttar Pradesh formed under the directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court judgment in Islamic Academy of Education Vs. State of Karnataka.

The Association has been registered under the Societies Registration Act (Act No. 21 of 1860), Registration No. 346/2006/07 dated 20. 07. 2006. The Association is an authority to conduct Uttar Pradesh Combined Medical Entrance Test "UPCMET" for admission in the First Year of MBBS course of the member colleges.

Admission Notification for MBBS Admission – 2011

U.P. Unaided Medical Colleges Welfare Association is conducting Sixth (from 2006)  Uttar Pradesh Combined Medical Entrance Test (UPCMET) 2011 as per the directions of Hon’ble High Court for admission to MBBS 1st year for academic year 2011-12 in Non-minority Unaided Medical Colleges of Uttar Pradesh.

Important Dates:

      * Date of Entrance Test                : 29th May 2011 (Sunday)

      * Sale of Information Brochure      : 17th Feb 2011 ( Thursday)

      * Last Date of Submission              : 30 April 2011 (Saturday)

Eligibility to appear in UPCMET – 2011:

1. Educational Qualification as per the MCI norms.

2. 17 years of age as on 31st December, 2011

3. Reservation as per Govt. order applicable at the time.

Venue of Exam: At 14 major cities of U.P. alongwith other state capitals.

For further details Contact:

U.P. Unaided Medical Colleges Welfare Association
Anand Ashram Complex,
Rampur Garden, Bareilly (U.P.)
Enquiry : +91-9897600270
Co-ordinator : +91-9412761020
Fax No. : 0581-2582552
Email Id :

Please visit for more Information: Admission, Examination, Entrance.

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