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Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh

Advt. No. 14/2009(Estt. I)-SR

Last date for receipt of applications: 10.12.2009

Applications on prescribed forms are invited from the Indian citizen for the following posts Age limit for all posts is 33 years (relax able by 5 years for SC/ST and 3 years for OBC) as on last date of receipt of application.


Total Number of Vacancies: 114 (UR:47/SC:22/ST:8/OBC:37)

S.No. Name of the Deptt./Spec. Number of Vacancies
1 Anaesthesia 29 (UR:11/SC:5/ST:4/OBC:9)
2 Biochemistry 01 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:0)
3 Community Medicine 01 (UR:0/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:1)
4 Dentistry (Pedodontics & Preventive) 01 (UR:0/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:1)
5 Dentistry (Oral Surgery) 01 (UR:0/SC:1/ST:0/OBC:0)
6 Dermatology 02 (UR:1/SC:1/ST:0/OBC:0)
7 Forensic Medicine 01 (UR:0/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:1)
8 Gastroenterology 01 (UR:0/SC:1/ST:0/OBC:0)
9 Gastroenterology (Paediatrics) 01 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:0)
10 Gen. Surgery 04 (UR:2/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:2)
11 Internal Med. 18 (UR:6/SC:4/ST:2/OBC:6)
12 Microbiology 04 (UR:1/SC:1/ST:0/OBC:2)
13 Nuclear Med (2 for PET) 05 (UR:3/SC:1/ST:0/OBC:1)
14 Obst. & Gynae 08 (UR:4/SC:2/ST:0/OBC:2)
15 Orthopedics 04 (UR:2/SC:0/ST:1/OBC:1)
16 Paediatrics 11 (UR:5/SC:1/ST:1/OBC:4)
17 Pharmacology 02 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:1)
18 Pathology 06 (UR:2/SC:3/ST:0/OBC:1)
19 Psychiatry 04 (UR:2/SC:1/ST:0/OBC:1)
20 Physical Rehabilitation 01 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:0)
21 Radiodiagnosis 03 (UR:2/SC:1/ST:0/OBC:0)
22 Radiotherapy 01 (UR:0/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:1)
23 Renal Trans Surg. 04 (UR:2/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:2)
24 Transfusion Medicine 01 (UR:0/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:1)

Total Number of Vacancies : 14 (UR:9/SC:0/ST:1/OBC:4)

25 Anatomy 01 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:0)
26 Biochemistry 02 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:1)
27 Biophysics 01 (UR:0/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:1)
28 Community Medtane  
  a) Sr Demonstrator (Health Economics) 01 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:0)
  b) Sr. Demonstrator ( Environmental Health) 01 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:0)
  c)Sr Demonstrator (Nutrition) 01 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:0)
29 Exp Medicine 05 (UR:3/SC:0/ST:1/OBC:1)
30 Pharmacology 02 (UR:1/SC:0/ST:0/OBC:1)
For the post of Sr Demonstrator in Biochemistry both Medical & Non Medical personnel are eligible


Total Number of Vacancies :  5 (UR:3/SC:0/ST:1/OBC:1)

31 For Casualty/Emergency 5 (UR:3/SC:0/ST:1/OBC:1)
For Sr. No. 1-24 Sr Resident Rs. 15600-39100+Grade Pay of Rs. 6600/- plus NPA
For Sr. No. 25-30 Sr Demonstrator for Biochemistry (Medical) -

Rs. 15600-39100 + Grade of Rs 6600/- plus NPA

Sr Demonstrator (Non Medical) - Rs. 15600.39100+Grade Pay of

Rs. 5400/-

Jr Demonstrator- Rs. 9300-34800+Grade Pay 4200

For Sr. No. 31 Sr Medical Officer (Casualty) -

Rs. 1560-39100+Grade Pay of Rs 6600/- plus NPA


The written examination of 60 marks of the eligible candidates possessing the prescnbed qualification (recognized by M C.I.) etc. for the above posts and within the age limit will be conducted on specified days i.e. 21-12-2009. 22-12-2009 & 23-12-2009 at 9.OOA M. RN Chuttani Block (Research Block B.) PGIMER, Chandigarh The result of written examination shall be declared on the same day. The candidates who dear the written examination will be assessed by a Departmental

Committee The number of candidates called for departmental assessment will be 3 times the number of seats available in that department. The department assessment  would consist of 25 marks and is based upon clinical evaluation/laboratory testing/detailed structured viva The departmental assessment of the candidate will be done on 22-12-2009, 23-12-2009 & 24-12-2009. The candidates will be required to appear for interview which consists of 15 marks before the Selection Committee on 23-12-2009, 24-12-2009 & 25-12-2009

For Senior Resident in the specialties from Sr.No. 1-14

Written Examination 21-12-2009
Departmental Assessment 22-12-2009
Interview by Selection Committee 23-12-2009
For Senior Resident in the specialties from Sr. No. 15-20

Written Examination 22-12-2009
Departmental Assessment 23-12-2009
Interview by Selection Committee 24-12-2009
For Jr./Sr. Demonstrator/Sr. Medical Officer in the specialties from Sr. No. 21-31

Written Examination 23-12-2009
Departmental Assessment 24-12-2009
Interview by Selection Committee 25-12-2009

Application forms and other information viz. selection procedure qualification, experience and age limit etc. can be obtained from the Committee Branch either personally or on written request accompanied by a self addressed stamped (Rs. 10/-) envelop (27 cm x 12 cm) along with Demand Draft of Rs 525/- (Rs 275 for SC/ST candidates) payable at SBI (Code 1524), Chandigarh in favour of Director, PGIMER, as Non-refundable fee and cost of application form etc. The application forms completed in all respect may be submitted in the name of Director. PGIMER, Chandigarh-160012. The same information and application form can also be down loaded from our website : A crossed Demand Draft of Rs. 500/- (Rs. 250/- for SC/ST candidates) shout be attached with application down loaded from Institute Website towards non refundable application fee.

The number of posts can be increased/decreased at any time by the orders of the competent authority.

Contact Us:

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research

Sector-12, Chandigarh PIN- 160 012, INDIA.

Phone: EPBAX: 0091-172-2746018,2756565,2747585

Fax: 0091-172-2744401, 2745078



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