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On behalf of Ministry of Minority Affairs, the University Grants Commission which is the implementing body, invites applications for the award of “Maulana Azad National
Fellowship for Minority Students” for the year 2009-10.

The Scheme will cater to the requirement of the minority community students pursuing the research studies leading to regular and full time M.Phil, Ph.D and equivalent research degrees in universities/ Institutions recognized by the University Grants Commission under Section 2f and Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956. This will enable them to undertake research in Arts, Science, Commerce and Engineering/Technology. The total number of fellowship each year will be 756. The State-wise distribution is given below. In case of non-availability of adequate number of candidates, the number of fellowships not availed during a year will be carried forward to the next academic session.

1. Andhra Pradesh: Muslim-25, Christian-6
2. Arunachal Pradesh: -4
3. Assam: Muslim-30, Christian-3
4. Bihar: Muslim-50
5. Chhattisgarh: Muslim-3, Christian-3
6. Goa:-4
7. Gujarat: Muslim-17, Christian-3, Parsi-1
8. Haryana: Sikh-12
9. Himachal Pradesh: -4
10. Jammu & Kashmir: Muslim-27
11. Jharkhand: Muslim-15, Christian-6
12. Karnataka: Muslim-25, Christian-3, Buddhist-3
13. Kerala: Muslim-28, Christian-22
14. Madhya Pradesh: Muslim-15
15. Maharashtra: Muslim-38, Christian-6, Buddhist-22, Parsi-1
16. Manipur: -4
17. Meghalaya: Christian-6
18. Mizoram:-4
19. Nagaland:- Christian-6
20. Orissa: Muslim-3, Christian-3
21. Punjab: Muslim-3, Sikh-56
22. Rajasthan: Muslim-18, Sikh-3
23. Sikkim: -4
24. Tamil Nadu: Muslim-14, Christian-14
25. Tripura:-4
26. Uttar Pradesh: Muslim-114, Sikh-3, Buddhist-3
27. Uttarakhand:-4
28. West Bengal: Muslim-75, Christian-3, Buddhist-3
29. Andaman & Nicobar:-4
30. Chandigarh:-4
31. Dadra & Nagar Haveli:-4
32. Daman & Diu:-4
33. Delhi:- Muslim-6, Christian-3
34. Lakshadweep:-4
35. Puducherry:-4
There will be no community-wise distribution in States/UTs with four fellowships, where these four fellowships will be pooled together and decided on the basis of merit, subject to other conditions.

     i) The candidate should belong to one of the minority communities (Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists & Parsis) notified under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1972.
    ii) He/she should get admission and registration for regular and full time M.Phil/Ph.D courses in University/Academic Institution by fulfilling conditions of admission of that University/Institution, subject to provisions of the scheme as per advertisement of UGC.
   iii) The minority community students once considered eligible for the fellowship shall not be entitled to benefits under any other scheme from any other source like Central or State Government or any other body like UGC etc. for the same study.
    iv) Prior clearance of NET/SLET examination will not be a prerequisite for award of MAKA fellowship for M.Phil/Ph.D.
     v) In order to qualify for the award of fellowship, the UGC norms for admission to M.Phil and Ph.D courses in universities/academic institutions would be applicable.
    vi) Candidates for fellowship will avail the quota of their State of domicile irrespective of their place of study.

Duration of Fellowship:

    * Name of the course : M.Phil. (Maximum duration : 2 years)

    * Name of the course : M.Phil. + Ph.D (Maximum duration : 5 years)

Rate of Fellowship:

Fellowship (For all streams of Research): @Rs.12,000/- p.m. for initial two years (JRF)
@Rs.14,000/- p.m. for remaining tenure (SRF) of three years
Contingency for Arts and Commerce: @Rs.10,000/- p.a. for initial two years.
@Rs.20,500/- p.a. for remaining three years.
Contingency for Sciences and Engineering: @Rs.12,000/- p.a. for initial two years.
@Rs.25,000/- p.a. for remaining three years.
Departmental Assistance: @Rs.3,000/- p.a. per student to the host institution for providing infrastructure
Escorts/Reader Assistance: @Rs.2,000/- p.m. in cases of physically and visually challenged candidates.

Other Conditions:
     • Three percent of fellowships will remain reserved will remain reserved for differently-abled candidates belonging to minority communities as per the Government of India norms.
     • The fellowship will be awarded only to those candidates whose parent’s/guardian’s family income is less than Rs. 2.50 lakhs per annum.
     • 30% of the fellowship shall be earmarked for women students; remaining 70% will be general. In case there are shortage of women candidates, the fellowship will be passed on to male students of the same minority community.
     • The fellowships will be operated on the basis of a roster which will be as follows: First: Arts, Second: Commerce, Third: Sciences, Fourth: Engineering and thus on.
     • Other factors remaining the same, preference will be given to the candidates who deal with research themes/ topics in areas pertaining to linguistic minorities, dialects / languages of linguistic minorities, protection of languages facing extinction as brought out by UNESCO, and promotion of scripts for script-less languages of linguistic  minorities.

Application Procedure:
The applications sent to Under Secretary (SA-II/SR-III), University Grants Commission, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi- 110 002 duly forwarded by the  Registrar/ Director/ Principal of the concerned University/ Institution/ College, where the fellow desires to undertake research work within one month from the date of issue of the advertisement (non-extendable). The candidates may also go through the UGC website for detailed terms and conditions and download the application form. The decision of the Commission in this regard shall be final. Direct and incomplete applications will not be entertained. The application forms of the candidates who are not selected for fellowship will be destroyed after six months of the selection made in that respective year.

Nodal officer JS (SA-III)

University Grants Commission
Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi – 110 002
Phone No. : 23230406
Fax No. : 23219507
Email :

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