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After 12th every student has to decide about what they want to don further. This is biggest problem of your life to chose right option. Here you will find some career guidelines after 12th class examination.

If you are interested IT field  then you have several options in that sector. Many foreign countries are outsourcing Indian IT engineers and offering excellent packages. if you want to do information and technology (IT) courses regular IT institute, university or college is suitable.

List of IT Companies which can hire your services: Satyam Computers, IBM, Microsoft, NIIT, Vipro, HCL, Sun, Oracle and there are companies, NDPL, All biggest banks, Hitachi data systems, Reliance Telecoms, Tata indicom and there are a long list of these companies.

And you can complete  Graduation(B-Sc, B-Com, BA, BBA, BCA, B-Tec, BBS, BBM) and there are many other institute which offer diploma and degree courses like animation, flash, Photoshop, Search engine optimization SEO, web designing and there are many other It courses.

If you think you can make it to the premier engineering or the medical institute like the IITs and the AIIMS. But if you think that you wont be able to make it to the premier institute but at the same time you want to be in the league of engineers and doctors you need not to be disheartened. There are IIIT, NITs, BIT etc for the engineering stream and the state CPMTs and host of other private medical and engineering colleges that take admission through CET.

Education Institutes in India for (B-Sc, B-Com, BA, BBA, BCA, B-Tec, BBS, BBM, MBA, MBBS, BHMS, BDMS,  CA, MBA)

After 12th you can choice Indian Defence Services.  Besides pursuing the professional or the other courses, you are also eligible for several career options as well.

Indian Defence Services offer dignified, prestigious and lucrative career opportunities. Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy.

Swapan (Mussoorie, Uttrakhand) [ Reply ] 2013-09-21 13:58:21
Hi Boardguess, and thank you for this elaborated yet precised discussion about the "Future Guidance After 12th". Though I always had a keen interest in computers but was really puzzled as to what to do after I cleared my 12th CBSE exams, and as I belong to a business family so no family member could suggest me a better carrer then 'IT'. Now I've been doing BCA, and plan to do MCA afterwards, plus some additional courses like '.net','php' etc. Thank you Boardguess for guiding me to what to do after 12th....

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