CBSE Board Guess Paper Informatics Practices Class XII – 2010 [Set-1]

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CBSE Board Guess Paper – 2010

Class – XII

Informatics Practices

Section – A          35 Marks

Q-1 Answer the following questions:                                                     15

a) What is the significance of Object modeling? What tool can be used for object modeling?    2

b) Write difference between Fix() and Int() functions.           2

c) Differentiate between OSS and FLOSS.                                1

d) Explain the concept of client server architecture?              2

e) What is Data mining? Name two techniques used in Data Mining.                2

f) Write a VB program to obtain the reverse of a number.       2

g) Mention the limitations of Simple loop ? how to make simple loop as finite loop ?  2

h) Write short Notes on- i) PHP             ii) Python                     2  

Q2. Underline the errors in the following VB programs and re-write the corrected code:    4

a) num=10

For i=1 to num step -1

If i % 2 = 0 then

Display i

Exit If

Next i

b) i=1


While (i =< 10)



Exit while

Print sum

Q-3 Answer the following in Respect of VB programming language.

a) What is looping? Name the loops supported by VB.                    2

b) What are parameters? What are actual parameters and formal parameters?          2

c) What is module? Explain the various types of module in VB. Also write the extension of each and extension VB project and VB form.                    3

d) How the library function is different from the user defined function. Explain with help of example.     3

Q4. a) Explain the concept of Dynamic arrays with suitable examples.              2

b) Write a VB function that calculates the factorial of a number passed as a parameter to the function and prints the result in the calling procedure.          2

c) What is ADO data control? To whom you can connect this?             2

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Section – B                           (35 marks)

Q5. a). Write a VB Procedure that takes “maxrows” and “maxcols” as argument to generate a output given below. using nested loop.                         3

The output will be like this:

0  2  3  4  5

2  0  6  8 10

3  6  0 12 15

4  8 12 0  20

5 10 15 20 0

b). Write a sub procedure in VB which take two integers as argument and print it’s the reminder and quotient without using mod and division operator.                   2

c). Write a procedure in VB to generate the series given below:                2

1, 3, 6, 10, 11, 13, 16, 20, …………………………….50

d). A program accepts 5 strings in an array arrname(4). Further the program finds the longest string in the array and prints it. Write the VB program to achieve this.                  3

Q6. a) Explain the ACID properties of transaction.                         4

b) Re-write the following using Select Case Construct:                  2

Private Sub Command1_Click()

n = InputBox("enter", "Number", 0)

If n = 1 Or n = 3 Or n = 5 Or n = 7 Or n = 8 Or n = 10 Or n = 12 Then

Print "31 days"

ElseIf n = 4 Or n = 6 Or n = 9 Or n = 11 Then

Print "30 days"

ElseIf n = 2 Then

Print "28 or 29 days"


Print "Not a valid month no"

End If

End Sub

c) An integer array arr(5) contains 6 elements (3, 5, 6, 2, 8, 9). Write a VB program to find the largest element in the array.       4

Q7. a) Write a function funCountvowel that takes a string argument and return the number of vowels in the passed string.                         3

b) Rewrite the code using IF statement without affecting the output of the code:                  2

select case marks

case is>=75


case 50 to 74


case 33 to 49


case else


end select

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