CBSE Board Guess Paper Physical Education Class - XII (2010) [Set-1]

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CBSE Board Guess Paper – 2010

Class – XII

Physical Education

TIME: 3 Hrs MAX                                                       MARKS: 70

General Instructions:

(i). All questions are compulsory.

(ii). Question paper carries two parts namely A & B

(iii). Answer to any question carrying 2 marks should be in approximately 30 words.

(iv). Answer to any question carrying 3-4 marks should be in 50-60 words respectively.

(v). Answer to any question carrying 5-6 marks should be in approximately 100-150 words.

Q1. What do you understand by wellness?                                                                          2

Q2. Explain any two principles of physical fitness development.                                       2

Q3. What principles should be followed to improve physical fitness?                                 6

Q4. What is the concept of sports training?                                                                       2

Q5. What are Isokinetic exercises?                                                                                     2

Q6. Discuss in detail the components of physical fitness.                                                 6

Q7. Define leadership.                                                                                                        2

Q8. Explain briefly about ‘Olympic prize and Olympic motto’.                                            2

Q9. How can the quality of leadership be developed through Games and Sports?              6

Q10. Explain the concept of Sports environment.                                                              2

Q11. Explain the importance of infrastructural set-up in sports environment.                   2

Q12. Discuss essential elements of positive environment and its importance in sports.    5

Q13. Define yoga in your words.                                                                                         2

Q14. What are the elements of yoga? Explain.                                                                    3

Q15. Discuss “yoga as heritage of India”.                                                                            5

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PART – B (20 Marks)

Q16. (i). Give a brief account of history of game/Sport.                                                    2

(ii). Explain any two terminologies related to game/Sport.                                                2

(iii). Explain any two fundamental skills of the game/Sport.                                              2

(iv). Draw the diagram of the field/ court of the game/Sport.                                           4


Q17. (i). Explain any four latest general rules of the game/Sport.                                      4

(ii). Draw the diagram of the field/court of the related game’s/sport’s equipment and explain their specifications in details.            6

Q18. (i). Name important two National and International tournament of the game/Sport of your choice.            4

(ii). List any two personalities of the game/sport.                                                            2

(iii). Write a short note on Arjuna Award.                                                                          4


Q19. (i). Write a short note on Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rattana Award.                                     2

(ii). Explain First aid and treatment steps of any four sports injuries.                               4

(iii). What are the reasons for the occurrence of Injuries in Sports?                                  4

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