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Sample Paper - 2009

Class - X



Max. Marks:80 Duration: 3 Hrs.

General Instructions:-

(i) There are 29 questions in all. All questions are compulsory.

(ii) Questions from 1-10 are 1 mark questions.

(iii) Questions from 11-18 are 3 marks questions.

(iv) Questions from 19-28 are 4 marks questions.

(v) Question no. 29 is map question. Attach Maps inside your Answer sheet.

1. Mention a novel in which Dickens wrote about ill-effects of industrialization. Or Who printed the first Bible?                1

2. With which dam Narmada Bachao Aandolan is associated? 1

3. What is an ore? 1

4. Give a difference between metallic and non-metallic roads. 1

5. What is feminist movement? 1

6. Name two leaders who fought against untouchability? 1

7. Give an example of the challenge faced by a democratic govt. 1

8. Define National income. 1

9. What do you mean by Human Development Index? 1

10. Which neighboring country of India has a better HDI rank than India? 1

11. What were the agreements reached in the Gandhi-Irwin pact? 3

12. Read the following passage and answer the given questions:-

It is said of passive resistance that it is the weapon of the weak, but the power which is the subject of this article can be used only by the strong. This power is not passive resistance; indeed it calls for intense activity. The movement in South Africa was not passive but active.. .

Satyagraha is not physical force. A Satyagrahi does not inflict pain on the adversary; he does not seek his destruction. In the use of Satyagraha, there is no ill will whatever.

Satyagraha is pure soul-force. Truth is the very substance of the soul. That is why this force is called Satyagraha. The soul is informed with knowledge. In it burns the flame of love. Non-violence is the supreme dharma.

It is certain that India cannot rival Britain or Europe in force of arms. The British worship the war god and they can all of them become, as they are becoming, bearers of arms. The hundreds of millions in India can never carry arms. They have made the religion of non-violence their own...

a)What is the meaning of term Satyagraha? 1

b)Why does Gandhiji call it a weapon for the strong? 1

c) How British and European are different from the Indians? 1

Note: Below are given three groups A, B and C for questions no. 13 and 14. Select any one group for answering these two questions.


13. Describe the impact of Rinderpest on African lives. 3

14. Why did some industrialist in nineteenth century Europe prefer hand labour over machines? 3


13. Who was a jobber? What was his role in availing work? 1+2

14. Write a short note on the Chawl culture of Bombay.3


13. Why G-77 was considered the reaction to the activities of the Bretton Woods twins? 3

14. Why Bombay (now Mumbai) has been considered a city of dreams for some and a city of hardships for others? 3

15. Examine the role of missionaries in the growth of press in India. 3


Why were novels very popular among women?

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