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Download CBSE Informatics Practices Guess Papers - XI (11th) 2008

                       Guess Paper - 2008

                               Class – XI

            Subject - INFORMATICS PRACTICES


Time allowed : 3 hours                        Max. marks : 70

Note :

(i)                 This question paper is divided into 3 section.

(ii)               Section A consists of 30 marks

(iii)             Section B and Section C are of 20 marks each.

(iv)             Answer the questions after carefully reading the text.




1.                  Answer the following questions :

(a)    What is the difference between Hardware, Software & Firmware?              2

(b)   What is MICR? Differentiate between OCR and OMR?     2

(c)    What are various types of Operating System ?       2

(d)   What is the difference between Interpreter & Compiler ?                             2

(e)    What is an Operating System? What are its Function?               2


2.                  Answer the following questions :

(a)    What do you mean by the term Word Wrapping ?    2

(b)   What is meant by Text Alignment ?                              1

(c)  Describe Page Set Up Dialog Box, its need, utility with Diagram.                3


Describe Font Dialog Box with its need, utility with Diagram.

(d)   What is CBIS ? What is its role in an organization ?                                      2

(e)    What is Event Driven Programming ? How is it different from Traditional Programming approaches ?                    2



3.                  Answer the following questions :

(a)    What is the difference between SDI & MDI Interface ?                               2

                  (b)  What is the similarity between option buttons and check boxes ?                 2

                  (c)  What are the files that are saved when a project is saved in Visual Basic ?  1

(d)   How is a variable different from a constant ?                       1

(e)    What are type-declaration characters ?                  2

(f)    What do you understand by Scope & Lifetime of a variable ?                      2




4.                  Answer the following questions :

(a)    Both Picture Box & Image Box controls are used to display graphics ? How are these two different?                   2


What are Access Key? What is their significance ? How can you assign an Access Key (Explain with suitable example)?.                           2
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