CBSE Guess Paper Mathematics Class XII (2010) [Set-2]

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CBSE Guess Paper 2010


Class – XII

1. If A =clip_image002 , Write the value of clip_image004 .

2. Differentiate clip_image006 with respect to clip_image008.

3. Find the value of a and b such that the function defined by is a continuous function.


4. (i)clip_image012 (ii) clip_image014 (iii) clip_image016

    (iv) clip_image018 (v) clip_image020 (vi) clip_image022

5. If clip_image024, then show that A is a root of the polynomial clip_image026.

6. Solve the equations clip_image028.

7. Evaluate the following limits:-

        (i) clip_image030

        (ii) clip_image032

        (iii) clip_image034 (iv) clip_image036

         (v) clip_image038

8. If xclip_image040, Find x and y.

9. Differentiate w.r.t. ‘x’:- (i)clip_image042 (ii)clip_image044

10. Evaluate clip_image046 OR clip_image048

11. If f(x)=clip_image050 is continuous at x=1, find the value of a and b.

12. clip_image052

13. If (a+bx)ey/x =x ,then show that clip_image054


       If x=a(α-sin α), y=a(1+cos α), find clip_image056 at α=clip_image058

14. If clip_image060and clip_image062 ,show that clip_image064.

15. Using vectors prove that in a triangle ABC, cosA =clip_image066, a, b and c are sides opposite to A,B and C respectively.

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