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Series LRH/1                                                                                                                      Code No.  53/1

                                                              INTRODUCTORY INFORMATION

Time allowed : 5/2 Hours                                                                                                  Maximum marks : 40

1.(a)    Give the full form of DBMS.                                 1
(b)    What is a field in DataBase ? Give an example.                                1
(c)    What is the fieldsize property of an AutoNumber datatype in MS ACCESS ?                          1
(d)    Give the difference between MEMO and TEXT type field used in MS-ACCESS.                          1
(e)    What is the Caption property for a field in MS-ACCESS ? What caption is assigned by default.                          2
(f)    Explain the  VALIDATION TEXT and VALIDATION RULE properties for a text type field.                               2
(g)    Name two data types in which the field property ALLOW ZERO LENGTH is available in MS ACCESS.                         2


2.(a)    What is a Home Page ? Explain briefly.                           1
(b) represents an__________.                       1
(c)    Give one advantage of Electronic Mail over ordinary mailing method.                          1
(d)    What is a Web Server and how is it related to a Web Page ?                            1
(c)    Name one Internet Service Provider in India.                                 1
(f)    What is the function of FTP ?                                1
(g)    Give the full form of the following terms :                         2
(i)    HTTP
(ii)    URL
(h)    Mr. I,al owns a factory which manufactures automobile spare parts.
         Suggest him the advantages of having a web page for his factory.                           2



3.(a)    Give an example of a Empty element in HTML.                    1
(h)    What is the function of <HTML> tag ?                     1
(c)    Explain ALINK attribute used in HTML.                          1
(d)    Give the function of Home Button on the Tool Bar of the browser window.           1
(e)    Explain the following statement :
        <HR SIZE = 5 ALIGN = "RIGHT" WIDTH = 60>    2
(f)    Explain the following with the help of an example :
(i)    <B>.........</B>
(ii)    <OL TYPE = 10>                                            2
(g)    What is the output of the following segment of the HTML code ?
    <HR WIDTH = 50%>
    <LI> MANGO
    <LI> APPLE
    </BODY>                           2
(h)    What does the following code do ?
<A HREF http://WWW.INDIA.COM> Connect to India</A>              2



4.    Write the HTML code for the following Web Page as seen on the Internet Explorer. The details are given below.    8

1.    Title is Learning English.
2.    Text Colour is darkblue and Visited Link Colour is red.
3.    Size of the text is 7 and the first text-line is Centre-?aligned.
4.    The Image in button shape with text ‘Best Site on WEB for Teachers’ is Right-Aligned. Its Filename is button.gif.
        The Image Height is 175 pixels and Width is 300 pixels.
5.    The Image is also a Hyperlink and the linked file is teach.html
6.    There are four Horizontal Lines in the Web Page. The details about them are :
a.    Line Colour is black
b.    Line Thickness is 5 pixels
c.    Lines are not shaded.
d.    Width of last line is 50%.
7.    Unordered List of type disc has been used to list the three items.
8.    The List Items are Hyperlinks and the linked files are :

S. No.

Hyperlink Text

Linked File

1. Improve your English improve.html
2. Prepare for TOEFL toefl.html
3. Prepare for CBSE Boards boards.html

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