CBSE Office Practice And Secretaryship Theory Paper – 1 Theory Question Paper Class 12th (2010)

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Series OSS                                                                                                                           Code No. 194
                                                                 OFFICE PRACTICE AND SECRETARYSHIP
                                     (Common to Office Secretaryship, Stenography, Accounting & Auditing)
                                                                                      (Theory) Paper I

Time Allowed : 2 Hours                                                                                           Maximum Marks : 30

General Instructions :
(i)   All questions are compulsory.
(ii)  Marks for questions are indicated against each of them.
(iii) Questions number 1 to 10 are short answer type questions carrying one mark each. Answers to these should not normally exceed 30 words each.
(iv) Questions number 11 to 15 are short answer type questions of three marks each. Answers to these should not normally exceed 70 words each.
(v) Question number 16 is a long answer type question of five marks. Its answer should not normally exceed 150 words.
(vi) Answers should be brief and to the point.




1. What is meant by Inward Mail ?    1

2. State any two advantages of window envelope.    1

3. Define Filing.    1

4. What is meant by weeding of old records ?     1

5. State any two important objectives of mechanising office work.

6. What for is stencil duplicator used ?

7. Briefly explain the use of Facsimile in an office.

8. What is Telegraphy ?

9. Write any two duties of a Secretary before convening a meeting.

10. Give any two differences between Motion and Resolution.

11. Explain  any  three  differences  between ‘Registered  Packets’ and ‘Insured Packets’.

12. Explain the relationship between ‘Filing’ and ‘Indexing’.

13. Explain in brief the utility of the following machines
(i)   Accounting machine
(ii)  Folding machine
(iii) Photo-copying machine


14. What is Telex ? Differentiate between Telex and Teleprinter.

15. Explain the meaning of
(i)   Quorum
(ii)  Casting Vote
(iii) Minutes of the proceedings of a meeting    3


16.  What are the differences between ‘Annual General Meeting’ and an ‘Emergency Meeting’ of an organisation ? Explain.    5
What is meant by an ‘Agenda’ of a meeting ? Draft an Agenda for a meeting with imaginary details.    5

Aparna (Gurgaon) [ Reply ] 2013-04-10 18:23:27
Hey hi, can you please brief me about the future in 'Office Secretaryship / Stenography / Accounting & Auditing', I mean what else can i do apart from being a receptionist or a personal secretary
Kartik (Huchha Powai) [ Reply ] 2013-04-10 18:33:00
Am Kartik studying in 11th std, due to low marks my school has also put me in 'STN' (Stenography) Stream, in which i am studying these only; stenography, short-handwriti ng, office management / secretaryship and all. As a boy what all can i achieve in this stream. Thanks

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