CBSE Philosophy Question Paper Class 12th (2010)

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Series: OSS                                                                                                                        Code No. 60


Instructions :
(i) Answer all questions.
(ii) All questions carry equal marks.

Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                                          Maximum Marks:100

1. Explain the notion of rta.
     Explain Nydya theory of sabda pramana.


2. Explain Gita's notion of Lokasamgraha.
     Bring out the relationship between Dharma, Artha and Kama..


3. Explain Jaina theory of anekantavada.
    Explain the nature of brahman in the Advaita Vedanta.


4. Explain Samkhya's theory of the three gunas.
    Explain the four noble truths of Buddhism.


5. Explain the eightfold practice of Yoga.
    Explain the characteristic features of Indian Philosophy.


6. Explain the Ontological argument for the existence of God.
    Explain Coherence theory of truth.,


7. Explain the basic difference between Idealism and Realism.
    Examine any one theory of the relationship between mind and body.


8. Explain the difference between physical and spiritual environment.
    Explain why Kant's philosophy is called ‘critical philosophy’.


9. Explain Aristotle's notion of formal cause.
    Explain the basic tenets of empiricism.


10. What is ‘Cause’? Explain the entailment theory of causation.
    What according to you should be the ideal relationship between a doctor and his patient ? Discuss.

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