CBSE Physical Education Theory Question Paper Class 12th (2010)

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Series OSS                                                                                                                                Code No. 75

                                                                        PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Theory)

Time allowed : 3 hours                                                                                                  Maximum Marks 70

General Instructions :
(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Question paper carries A and B two parts.
(iii) Answers to questions carrying 2 marks should be in approximately 50-100 words.
(iv) Answers to questions carrying 4 marks should be in approximately 100-150 words.
(v) Answers to questions carrying 5 marks should be in approximately 150-200 words.
(vi) Answers to questions carrying 6 marks should be in approximately 200-250 words.
(vii) Answers to questions carrying 10 marks should be in approximately 300-400 words.





                                                                                            PART A



1. What do you understand by wellness ? List down its components and explain the factors affecting wellness.    2+2+6=10
    Write short notes on the following    2x5=10
(i) Anaerobic activities
(ii) Aerobic activities
(iii) Recreation
(iv) Physical fitness
(v) Participation in games and sports


2. Define circuit training. Draw the diagram of eight stations and explain the method of circuit training along with its advantage.    3+3+4=10
List  down  various  training methods for endurance development. Explain in detail Fartlek method by giving suitable examples.    4+6=10


3. “Physical  education  programme can inculcate the values among participants.” Justify.    10
     Write an essay on games and sports as man’s cultural heritage.


4. What are the essential elements of a positive environment ? Explain any three essential elements in detail.    4+6=10
    Write short notes on the following :    2x5=10
(i) Noise pollution
(ii) Warming up
(iii) Leisure time activity
(iv) Prevention of sports related accidents
(v) Safe drinking water


5. Define yoga  and  its  importance in life. Explain three elements of yoga.    3+3+4=10
    What do you understand by yoga ? Explain the role of yoga in sports. 4+6=10




                                                                                                  PART B


6. Write the following about the game/sport of your choice :  3+3+4=10
(i) Any three latest rules of the garne/sport
(ii) Any three fundamental skills of the game/sport
(iii) Any five terminologies
Draw a neat and clean diagram of a field/court/table of the game/sport of your choice with all the specifications and
measurement.    4+6=10


7. Enlist common sports injuries in your game/sport of choice and explain the first aid and rehabilitation means in any one.    4+6=10
   Write notes on the following
(i) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
(ii) Sprain
(iii) Brief history of your game/sport of choice
(iv) Indian Olympic Association
(v) Dislocation

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Ravi Bhattacharya (Delhi) [ Reply ] 2013-04-10 16:45:41
Hey thanks for the paper, i needed it

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