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Sample paper --- 2006


Class – IX



Section A – Physics                        [25]


  1. State Newton’s second law of motion.                       [1]
  2. The normal human body  temperature  is 37°C. what is the temperature on  the  Kelvin scale?                        [1]

     3 How much momentum will a dumb-bell of mass 10 kg transfer to the floor  if it falls from a height of 0.8m( g = 10m/s2 ).               [2]

4. what kind of energy transformation takes place in the following?                         [2]

   a) photoelectric cell              b) electric motor

   c)dry cell                                d) nuclear reactor.

5. How much heat must be added to raise the temperature of 100 gm water from 5° to 95 °? ( sp heat of water is 4.8 J/kg °C).                                    [2]


     6. Derive the expression s=ut+ ½at2 graphically  


     7(a).  What will be the value of ‘g’ and ‘G’ at the center of the earth and at the poles.         [3]

       (b). A ball is thrown up with a speed of 0.5m/s. How high will it go before it begins to fall? Calculate the time taken to reach the topmost point ( g = 10m/s2 ).

   8 (a.Define power? What is its S.I unit.                          [3]

      (b. A bag weighs what height should it be raised  so that its P.E may be 9800J ( g = 9.8m/s2 ).

     9 (a.  Derivethe expression K.E=½mc2                              [3]

       (b. A bullet is fired from a gun . which will have greater kinetic energy, the bullet or  the gun? Give reason.

10 (a. How do differentiate between center of gravity  and center of mass.                                 [5]

(b.    The acceleration due to the gravity at the moon ‘s surface is 1.67m/s2 . If thr radius of the moon is 1.74x106 m .calculate the mass of the moon.(G=6.67x10-11Nm2/kg2).



Section B – Chemistry

1.    An atom ‘A’ has the mass number 40 and atomic no: 18.  An atom ‘B’ has the mass [1]  number 40 and atomic no: 20. Are the  atom ‘A’ and ‘B’ isotope of same element.

Which amongst ‘A ’ and ‘B’ is a metal

2.    2Ag+ + Cu ?> Cu2++ Ag . In the above redox reaction name 1) the substance which   [1]  is oxidized  2) the substance which is an oxidizing agent.

3.     Explain the formation of the following ionic compounds and represent them by       [2]

 dot diagram and also write ionic equation a) sodium oxide b) magnesium chloride.

[ Na= 11 , Mg= 12, O=8,Cl =17].

4 What type of bond is present in CaCl2  and Cl2                                 [2]

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