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Download CBSE Biology Sample Papers Class XI (11th) 2007

Sample Paper – 2007

Class – XI




Q. 1 to 5 carries 1 mark each.

Q.6 to 12 carries 2 marks each.

Q.13 to 24 carries 3 marks each.

Q.25 to 27 carries 5 marks each        


  1. What is Down’s syndrome.
  2. What is walking fern.
  3. What is cell fractanation.
  4. What is endosperm    OR    What is oncogenesis.
  5. What is cell theory.
  6. What is test cross.
  7. What is cloning      OR     Draw reproductive organs of rat.
  8. Write principle of DNA fingerprinting.
  9. Draw body plan of mollusc.
  10. Write all taxonomic hierarchies.
  11. Mention the two laws of thermodynamics.
  12. Write significance of mitosis.
  13. Mention properties of enzymes.
  14. Write merits and demerits of Benthem and Hooker’s classification.
  15. Distinguish between cyton and axon.
  16. Explain epistasis    OR   Distinguish between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell.
  17. Draw T.S. of typical monocot root.
  18. Explain genetic disorders      OR     Explain vestigal organs.
  19. Explain genetic engineering.
  20. What is competitive inhibition   OR   Draw a compound microscope.
  21. Explain Hershley and Chase experiment.
  22. What is chiasmata describe its significance.
  23. How is sex determined in humans.
  24. Explain phyllotaxy and heterophylly.
  25. Explain an earthworm     OR     Describe modifications of roots.
  26. Explain biosynthesis of proteins.
  27. Describe class aves and reptilia   OR   Describe complex tissues.

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