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            SUBJECT: CHEMISTRY                 




MAX.MARKS: 70           TIME : 3hrs


General Instructions.

1.All questions are compulsory.

2.Questions No.1to 11 are very short answer questions carrying I mark.

3.Questions No.12to 21are also  short answer questions carrying 2 mark.

4.Questions No.22to29 are short answer questions carrying 03 marks each

5.Questions No.30to32 are long answer questions carrying 05 marks each

6.Use of Calculator is not permitted. However you may use Log Table if     necessary.


1.What is  the difference between 0.006 g and 6.00x10 -3g ?

2. Why are vegetables cooked with difficulty at hill stations.

3. Write all four quantum numbers for an electron in 2s orbital ?

4. Astudent reported the radii of Al3+, Mg2+ and F- as 136pm,65 and 50pm      respectively. Is the order correct. Comment ?

5.What is the relation between enthalpy of vapourisation   ,enthalpy of fusion &    enthalpy of sublimation ?

6. Phosporus form penta chloride while nitrogen does not form. Why ?

7. Why bromine water colour becomes colourless when it is added to an alkene ?

8. Why ideal gas equation is not obeyed at all temperatures and pressures ?

9 What is dry ice ?

10. Why water exisist as liquid at room temperature ?

11. Wite the equilibrium constant for the given equation.

         H2  + I2 ----- 2HI

12. Define surface tension. How is it influnced by temperature ?

13. Complete the following equations.

 a) CH3- CH= CH2 +  HBr -----à

 b) C6H6 + Cl2           >.

14. Give the IUPAC names of the following.

15. Explain.  The following.    a)Wurtz reaction.b) Resonance.

16. What is the significance of salt bridge ?

17. Is it possible to stir copper sulphate solution with nickel spatula ? (  E             =0.34,  E            = -0.25

18. Explain the shapes of ammonia and methane on the basis of VSEPR theory ?

19. Write the relation ship between  ?H and ?E ?

20. Explain a)Cp is greater than Cv  

                   b)Isotopes.--an  example

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That's a good question paperrrr..... Thanks

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