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Sample Question Paper



Max. Marks 70                                                         Time 3 Hrs


All questions are compulsory.

Question paper carries two parts namely Part A & B.


Part A


Q.1. How socialization takes place through sports and games at national and international level?                                                                                     




Socialization through Sports and Games at National and International Level:-


Sports and games play a significance role in socialization.  At any national level sports and games competition players from different states and regions assemble at the venue to participate and perform.  They have different cultures and languages.  They have different eating habits.  Some of them have different dressing sense and dress code.  Players learn so many thing of practical life from each other.  They also share training methods, tactics and strategies of their game with other players.  At venue they meet with highly qualified coaches and trainers and also sports celebrities.  Players get motivated by sharing their experiences.  In free time they visit different places around the venue, learn culture of that place, have food of that region.


Lets talk about Olympic Games.  In Olympic Games players from different countries gather at the venue to participate, perform and win.  They learn so many things from each other.  They make new friends and some of them meet with old friends from different countries.  They exchange thoughts, feelings and gifts with each other.  The experience they go through lasts forever.  They taste food of different countries during the event.  They learn different cultures of different countries.  They experience modern facilities and latest equipment with latest technology.  For example – In 2008 Bejing Olympics, the world has seen the presentation put-up by China.  Players from different corners met, played, performed, lost and won.  They learned to adjust, co-operate, compete, care and share from each others.  Hence we can say that by participating in any national and international level competitions, players learn many things that improve their behaviour which prepares them live socially adjusted life and makes them a good citizen for their country.  




“Games and Sports as cultural heritage” Justify.




“Games and sports as Cultural Heritage”

Culture consists of the behaviour that individuals develop as a result of living in a particular group.  It is a way of life and a product of our social in heritance.  Our culture consists of our ways of living, eating habits, thoughts, customs, traditions, morals, art, literature, religion, games and sports and many other aspects of life.  Our modern culture is not a product of sudden change or development, but has been evolved over centuries  of the past.  It is therefore a sort of reflection of our past.  Therefore, games and sports of modern times are also indicators of the primitive times.  Such activities have been passed on to us by our ancestors and are therefore our cultural heritage. 

History of physical activities of man is as old as civilization itself.  Most of the activities of primitive men were of physical nature and were aimed to secure means of existence.  Activities included running, jumping, fighting, fishing and wrestling etc.


Such activities were essential for fighting enemies and procuring food.  However, with the passage of time and formation of groups and institutions, some games and dances were added for the purpose of enjoyment and recreation.  Games and sports activities of modern times are modified forms of the past activities of our ancestors and have been passed on to us as part of our cultural heritage.  Some of the items of modern sports competitions, such as boxing etc. originated in the past.


Our modern culture is a mixture of many cultures of the ancient world.  Many countries of the world have contributed in its evolution through their thoughts and practices.  In this respect, contributions of early Egyptians, Greeks, and countries of the west cannot be forgotten.  Most of the games and activities of today are the outcome of the contributions of these countries.


Gymnastic activities of modern times are the contribution of Germans.  Germany gave us heavy gymnastics apparatus like horizontal bar, vaulting horse and parallel bars etc..  The British are considered to be the originators of ball games.  They introduced games of football, hockey and cricket.  The British helped in spreading these games around the world.


America introduced games of volleyball, basketball and baseball.  There emphasis on physical fitness is worth admiring.


There are references of activities like archery, wrestling and games like “Shatranj” in Indian history from the times of Mahabharata.  There are also references of games like “Kabaddi” and “Kho-Kho” having been played in the past.  All such activities of the past are part of our physical activities today.


Thus, we can say that games, sports and other physical activities of modern times are not a creation of modern thought and practice, but are a legacy of our ancient culture.  We have simply modified these games and activities to refine them and suit our convenience.  In fact the cultural heritage of the past show us the methods of surviving in this changing world.


Q.2. Describe the following:


          (i) General fitness

          (ii) Specific fitness

          (iii) Recreational fitness

          (iv) Calisthenics and fitness

          (v) Jogging and fitness





(i) General  Fitness :- General fitness can be defined as workout for basic fitness to develop the components of strength, endurance & flexibility.  It can be done with or without equipment. It is suggested that fitness should be done under the supervision of an expert coach/physical education teacher.  Also it is advised that proper clothing and good sports shoes be worn during the training.

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