CBSE makes it tough to fail in Classes IX & X

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MUMBAI: Students in a CBSE school can forget about failing in classes IX or X. Besides altering several evaluation methods, the CBSE board will now allow students who do not clear classes IX and X three more attempts to make the grade. And if they fail to do so, the board is considering taking into account their performance in extracurricular activities and sports. So if you're an ace footballer with a poor math score, there's a chance you'll still pass the year.

Assessment, too will be revamped. A child who fares poorly in written exams can be tested orally, or via projects, to see if he has understood the concepts. Moreover, the CBSE board, which is in the process of making board exams optional and replacing them with a system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation in classes IX and X - now wants schools to show students their answer sheets over the two years and take into account students' feedback before the final grade is given.

The Class IX and X term papers will now be set by the board, so the level of question papers in CBSE schools across the country remains the same. Those who are gifted at say, biology, or math, can opt for a proficiency test in the subject, which will have questions at the level of a science Olympiad.


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