Global Institute of Technology (GIT), Jaipur, Rajasthan

Global Institute of Technology (GIT) is situated in I.T. Park, Sitapura, Jaipur of Rajasthan. The Institute was founded in the year 2002 by Global Institute of Technology Society (GITS) with the aim to contribute towards human development through academic pursuits and be a trendsetter in the field of technical education.

GIT has been accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and graded 'A'  in four point scale. It is the youngest and the only private engineering college in North India which has been accredited with 'A' grade.

Global Institute of Technology is the brainchild of Global Institute of Technology Society. The Society established the college with a view to contribute towards the overall development of the young engineers of the country. The college aims to produce competent professionals, every year. The campus is spread over 10 acres. The three majestic college buildings are interconnected and have wide spread lawns which give the feeling of tranquility with a blend of modernity and tradition.

GIT focuses on recruitment of highly qualified and competent faculty members who are devoted whole heartedly for the overall development of students. The Institute is proud of its faculty who combine the wisdom of experience with dynamism of freshness.

Courses Offered:

Global Institute of Technology  provides several courses in Engineering .

1. Bachelor of Engineering

      * Electronics & Communication Engg.
      * Electronics Inst. & Control Engg.
      * Computer Engg.
      * Information Technology
      * Electrical Engg
      * Mechanical Engg.

The fee waiver scheme of AICTE has been adopted by GIT. According to which, 10% of total seats of each branch has also been increased.

2. Management Course:

      * MBA


Admission Procedure:

Engineering: Admissions are routed through the RPET/AIEEE system and under the existing norms, GIT has three categories: (i) RPET seats 70% (ii) AIEEE seats 15% (iii) Management seats 15%.

      * 15% seats of AIEEE candidates are filled in before RPET counseling for outside states by Directorate of technical Education, Jodhpur on behalf of RTU, Kota.

      * The merit list is prepared by the Coordinator,  RPETEAP on the basis of the marks secured in RPET examination.

      * Management quota is only for those who are AIEEE qualified.

MBA: Admissions are routed through  RMAT and under the existing norms, GIT has two categories: (i) RMAT seats 85% (ii) Management seats 15%

      * The merit list will be prepared by the RPETEAP, Jodhpur, on the basis of the marks secured in RMAT examination .

      * Management Seats are for RMAT qualifying students and MAT Qualified Students .


    * Teacher-Student Interaction
    * Personality Development Programmes
    * Laboratories
    * Computer Centre with Internet accessibility
    * Extra Classes
    * Student performance report
    * Health Centre
    * Transport
    * Bank

Contact Us:

Global Institute of Technology (GIT) Jaipur
ITS-1, IT Park, EPIP Sitapura
Jaipur - 302 022, Rajasthan

Phone: +91-141-3237427,3237430,3237, 0141-2770445 and 0141-3253325
Fax: +91-141-2770584

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