Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Lalpur, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Birla Institute of Technology, Lalpur is situated at Lalpur in Ranchi of the Indian state of Jharkhand. BIT Lalpur initially offering only part-time postgraduate M.E. courses for disciplines such as Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It was primarily aimed for the benefit of officers working in various Ranchi based public sector undertakings and private industries such as, MECON, SAIL, HEC, CIL, CMPDI, Shriram Ball-bearings Limited, Usha Martin Industries Limited, nationalized banks etc, who wished to upgrade their qualifications. Part-time M.E. degree courses were initially offered as evening courses, subsequently the MBA, MCA and DCA courses were also offered. The laboratory classes were conducted on Sundays and holidays at the main Mesra campus. This Centre is now referred to as the BIT Lalpur Extension Centre of Birla Institute of Technology groups.

In 1997 the centre started the full time courses, B.Sc. Computer Science and B.Sc. Electronics courses and in 1998 the BCA course for girls only. The success and popularity of these courses led to extra shifts being added in 1999 and the courses being opened for boys also. In 1999, M.Sc. in Information Technology and M.Sc. in Electronics and Telecommunication courses for girls only and BBA course for girls and boys were introduced. Currently the Lalpur Extension Centre has over 1768 students on its rolls with 560 post graduate students.

Courses Offered & Departments:

1. Department of Management

      * BBA (Full Time)
      * MBA (Full Time)
      * MBA (Part time)

2. Department of Computer Science & Engineering

      * BCA (Full time)
      * MCA (Full time)
      * M.Sc. (Information Techonology) (Full Time)
      * M.Tech (Computer Science) (Part time)

Contact us:

Birla Institute Of Technology Extension Centre
Lalpur, Ranchi,
Jharkhand 834001

Phones: 0651-2531817 / 2531676 / 2531940 / 2531679
Fax: 0651-2531686 / 2531676

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