Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) - Delhi

srcc1 This college got its affiliation in 1926 from University of Delhi. The Commercial High School was raised in 1926 to the standard of an Intermediate College, in 1930 to a degree college and in 1934 to a post-graduate College. It received its present name and form in 1951. Although SRCC has accepted female students since 1933, it became truly co-educational only in 1957. The institute was established first in Daryaganj and shifted to its present location in the North Campus, Delhi University only in 1957. The present location is 17 acres (69,000 m2) campus with large educational and recreational areas.

Established: 1926
Associate Professors: 30
Assistant Professors: 19
Hostel Available: Girls & Boys both
Campus: 17 acres (69,000 m2)

Course Details:

* Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (B.A.(Hons))


* Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) (B.Com.(Hons)) Commerce

* Master of Arts (M.A.) Economics

* Master of Commerce (M.Com.) Commerce

* P.G. Diploma (PG-Diploma)

Global Business Operation


Canteen: The college canteen is located in a separate block at its first floor.  The College Canteen is a popular meeting and free enjoying place for the students.   The college canteen provides a variety of snacks and beverages.

Healthcare: The healthcare facilities to the College students are provided through World University Service (WUS) Health Centre; a Centre of the University of Delhi.   The Health Centre provides OPD facilities and medicines to the patients.  It also provides necessary emergency medical services to the patients.  The WUS Health Centre is located in the vicinity of the college. The college students can also become its member.

Parking: There is a huge all weather parking area for the vehicles of students as well staff members.    A guard is deputed to facilitate secured parking.

Banking: The college is having one branch of the State Bank of India (SBI).  The students can open their account as well as take advantage of other banking facilities from the SBI branch.

Book & Stationery Store: There is a small book and stationery store within the campus.  The students can purchase text and other reference books, as well as general stationery from the store.

Photocopier Point: There is a photocopier point in the campus.  The students can avail the facility of photocopy, as well as compilation of study material from the photocopier point.


University of Delhi, Maurice Nagar, North Campus

Malka Ganj

Delhi - 110007

Phone: (011) 27257905 , 27667905

Fax : 27666510

E-mail :

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