Institute of Finance & Management ,Lucknow Univesity,Lucknow.

The University of Lucknow has a long and eventful history. Its origin can be traced back to a modest school founded about one hundred twenty years ago. The University owes its inception to the generosity of the Taluqdars of Awadh and the keen enthusiasm of Sir Harcourt Butler, who laid the foundation stone of the Lucknow University on March 18, 1921. The Lucknow University started its career with the Canning College, the King George's Medical College and Isabella Thoburn College and the Facilities of Medicine, Arts, Oriental Studies, Science, Law and Commerce. Later on, its growth and development has brought about a remarkable transformation in the academic life of the people. Many new faculties have been added, viz., Education, Dental, Ayurveda, Fine Arts, Architecture and Engineering. The university has also started more than 40 professional/ vocational courses. At present, it has a galaxy of luminaries on its faculty who have made outstanding contributions to knowledge. IFM is a pioneering Institute in the field of modern management education. It is the focal point for providing the input for efficient and pragmatic approach to problem solving for improvement in the different fields of business.

Year of Establishment: 1921



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