Institute of Management Studies, Dehra Dun(UP)

The IMS Philosophy Institute of Management Studies (IMS) is a leading Institute with a clearly defined approach to creating quality managers and entrepreneurs required to face the challenges of the corporate sector with its BBA, BCA and post graduate MBA and MIT courses. The approach of the Institute stems from the belief that there are three important areas of concern, which are prime significance for /Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Attitude: Firstly the attitude - and by attitude is meant the positive approach to life, the capacity for decision making, the ability to handle problems; with the most important ability being the acumen to deal with people above you - inside or outside the organization.

Change: Secondly, it is keeping track of the fast changing global economics environment where the economy in due courses of time will be viewed only in global context with no boundaries, where market, production facilities, raw material, man power and skills all alike would have to be internationally compatible. And this is going to matter a lot.

The Human Face: Thirdly, in today's environment, for organizations to survive, grow and thrive, they have to appreciate that they are built by the people from society, they are a creation of the society and they have to work for the welfare, growth and development of the society, besides making a profit and surplus. This is the philosophy that is pursued diligently at IMS both in the running of the Institute and in imparting education to the future managers. Such are the ethics for all concerned be it students, the faculty or the management.

Institute of Management Studies, Dehra Dun has now completed several fruitful years of existence and service to the corporate world. Located in a beautiful, scenic and serene setting in North Dehra Dun, it is housed in an English style bungalow with wide cool verandahs and lush green lawns on all sides. With up to date facilities IMS Dun stands committed to

  • Its mission of producing tomorrows business leaders in distinctive educational process oriented environment;
  • To which faculty of highest quality are attracted;
  • Wherein the scholarship and best practices are equal partners in forging tomorrows skills and attitudes;
  • Where education is all about enriching the mind, challenging preconceptions;
  • And where education is not only fun but also an ongoing process.
IMS D'dun provides quality inputs to its alumni through a dedicated team of highly qualified faculty; many of whom have serve in some of the most prestigious institutes through out the country. Experienced staff, state of the art facilities like IT centers, library and research rooms make IMS one of the most sought after institutions in this region. The stringent admission process adequately qualified, motivated and meritorious students from throughout India.

The faculty at IMS, in consultation with leaders of Business and academia, has created an innovative yet flexible business curriculum that balances the intellectual rigour with practical nuances. Eminent professionals from business and academics are invited to share their success stories not only to inspire the students to innovation but also throw light on contemporary management issues.

As such IMS D'dun legitimately takes pride in developing and nurturing young talented individuals with both a through academic grounding while at the same time offering a "hands-on" experience in the industry or profession they seek to embark upon.

IMS D'dun also takes pride in adequately sensitizing its alumni in the context of globalization of Indian economy and making them confident to be world-class managers and computer professionals- willing to face the challenges of the new millennium.

Year of Establishment: N.A.



Phone No:- 91-135-743310, 743312

Fax:- 91-135-741416



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