Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad (UP)

The Institute With the progress of Indian economy from its early stages of regulation and control to the era of deregulation and liberalization, a sea-change is taking place in the professional skills required for success in business. The managers of the 21st Century will have a challenging task: To adapt the past, master the present and prepare for the future. The past, the present and the future represent a business continuum. To quote a famous Peter Drucker aphorism, "the future has already happened" Intelligent managers have to spot the trends, study the patterns and search for discontinuities. In that process they emerge as the business leaders of tomorrow. However acquiring such knowledge is costly both in terms of time and money for any student aspiring to pursue challenging careers in business management in the 21st century Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Noida was founded in 1998 under the auspices of IMS Educational Society, a non- profit autonomous society constituted in 1996. The society entered into the education foray in 1996 by establishing Institute of Management Studies, Dehradun. The batches of MBA students passed out from IMS, have received immense support and acceptance from the industry. In 1998, society also established Dehradun institute of Technology (DIT) with the objective of producing qualified engineers and technologists who are competent in advanced technology and proficient in skills.

Year of Establishment: 1996



A-16, SECTOR-8, NOIDA, PIN - 201301

Phone No:- 011-8-4522781/4524179

Fax:- 011-91-4549846


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