Master in Business Administration,Lucknow Univesity,Lucknow.

The philosophy of LUMBA is not just to develop leaders, but a visionary 21st Century Corporate Manager, who can constantly take up the challenges around him and strive to find meaning and fulfillment within himself and the outside world. To prepare the students to function in a dynamic environment a perfect and a judicious blend of theory and practice is administered to the would be managers. The Department recognizes that the application of fundamental concepts requires rigorous training and conscious efforts to generate an ambiance and in the process provides intellectual stimulation.

The emphasis is on developing a candidate's ability to translate theory into practice. The candidate must eventually contribute to the increased productivity of the organization and welfare of the society. A global perspective in terms of courses structure and teaching methods, emphasis on leadership, human values, team skills are some of the unique features of this programme.

Year of Establishment: 1975



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