Shri Ramswaroop Momorial College of Engineering & Management, Lucknow.

SRMIMCA is a humble effort in the enormous field of academics. This is a learning organization where the finest of brains will be produced in the world of management and computer education. Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Society conceived the idea of coming up with a center of excellence to meet with the requirements of rapidly growing professionalism in all walks of life. The course curriculum is so drafted that BBA and BCA programs becomes a perfect blend of academic and professional excellence. It is supported by academic infrastructure including library, state-of-the-art computer center and a congenial academic environment. The integrated structure generates a spirited atmosphere where participants from a wide range of industries can interact. The institute has a flexible system, always striving towards the betterment of its precious students.

Year of Establishment: N.A.



Phone No:- 91-522-762235/762236

Fax:- 91-522-762237


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