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School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) is situated in Gurgaon in the Indian state of Haryana. SOIL is a business school and recognized as a vanguard of change in shaping the future of India through education. SOIL is a co-creation of a consortium of 30 companies. SOIL’s eco-friendly campus promotes the use of natural light and the entire campus is a smoke-free zone. The classrooms at SOIL are designed to promote peer networking and social interaction. Learning studios and innovative technology allow for the study process to be more interactive and impactful. The entire campus is centrally air conditioned & Wi-Fi enabled. The classrooms are equipped with wireless video & audio technology and have a round table format for student seating to enable better peer to peer networking and discussions.


The leadership Programme are designed to help students recognize their gifts and enhance their leadership capacity. The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) at SOIL shapes their future business roles. The program focuses on group assignments with an emphasis on global and contemporary business themes and challenges. SOIL also provides an opportunity to apply the classroom learning while working with leading NGOs through the Social Innovation Project (SIP). Each student is assigned a mentor, who is from a successful business background.

1. Business Leadership Program (BLP): The Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership is designed to give professionals the perspective and insights to take on the complex challenges of an interconnected business environment, enabling them to transform from competitive professionals to inspired leaders.

2. HR Leadership Program (HRLP): The Post Graduate Program in HR Leadership focuses on the unique challenges of managing human capital with a balanced focus on Business Acumen and HR Excellence.

3. Marketing Leadership Program(MLP): The Post Graduate Program in Marketing Leadership has a balanced focus on Leadership Development and Marketing & Branding excellence. The program is delivered in a compressed time frame and has a heavy focus on group assignments with an emphasis on global and contemporary Marketing themes and challenges.

4. Global Leadership Program (GLP): This 3 week program offers insights into the global environment with its diverse market realities, management practices, customer needs, cultural norms and business performance constructs. This program is delivered across continents by a consortium of corporations headquartered in Asia, Europe and North America working with Mesa Research Group and SOIL.

Contact Us:

City Business School
School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL)
Plot no. 76 Sector 44
Gurgaon 122003 India
Phone No.: +91 124 4302222
Mobile no: +91 9871339158

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