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Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education


The aims of the Board shall be to provide secondary and higher secondary education and, for this purpose grant recognition to the required number of such schools in the territory;

to pay special attention to the improvement of the secondary and higher secondary education so that it meets the required needs and standards of economic and social development;

to provide adequate facilities for educational and professional advancement of socially and educationally backward communities; to take such steps and such measures as may lead to intellectual, academic, physical and cultural development of the youth.


(1). to grant and to withdraw recognition to the secondary and higher secondary schools;

(2). to advise the government on matters of policy relating to secondary and higher  secondary education in general.

(3) to lay down guiding principles regarding curricula and syllabi for the entire secondary and higher secondary courses and to prepare the detailed syllabi for all   standards of secondary and higher secondary education;

(4) to formulate general principles for recommending text-books for sanction by the Board and to sanction such books subject to such conditions, as it may deem fit to  impose;

(5) to advise the Government in standard requirement in respect of staff, buildings,  furniture, equipment, stationery and other amenities required for secondary and  higher secondary schools;

(6) to prescribe and prepare text-books for all standards of secondary and higher  secondary education;

(7) to prescribe conditions for admission of regular and private candidates to the final examinations;

(8) to demand and receive such fees as may be prescribed, from candidates to be admitted to the final examinations;

(9) to award certificates to candidates passing the final examinations;

(10) to institute and award scholarships, stipends, medals, prizes and other rewards and to prescribe conditions thereof;

Eligibility of Private candidates for SSC Examination: A person who has pursued specified course of studies privately and has completed the practicals for the subjects involving practical work prescribed for Std. VIII to X in any recognised Secondary School at the time of application for examination shall be admitted to secondary school certificate examination as a private candidate.

A candidate applying for S.S.C. examination privately shall complete the course of practicals through a recognised school and submit a certificate from the head of the institution to that effect, while submitting the application for admission to examination.

An enrolment certificate shall be issued by the Board to a person eligible to appear for S.S.C. examination as a private candidate.

The person who has been enrolled as a private candidate for S.S.C. examination shall apply for admission to the said examination in specified form alongwith the required documents and the fees specified by the Board.

The person who has been enrolled as a private candidate shall be exempted from offering school assessment based subjects for S.S.C. examination.

Eligibility of private candidates for H.S.S.C. Examination: A person who has pursued the specified course of studies privately shall be admitted to HSSC Examination as a private candidate. He/She has been a resident of the State of Goa for not less than two years prior to the date of commencement of H.S.S.C. Examination for which he/she desires to appear.

He/She was not on the roll of any recognised higher secondary school of the State during the academic year preceding the date of examination for which he/she desires to appear.

A person fulfilling above conditions shall apply to the Board in specified form alongwith necessary documents and enrolment fees specified by the Board, for enrolment as a private candidate.

Refund of enrolment fees of private candidates.- A refund of 50% of an amount of enrolment fees paid alongwith the application for enrolment shall be given to the candidate if the enrolment is rejected on genuine grounds by the Board.

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Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education

Alto Betim, Goa 403521

Tel.No: + 91 - 832 - 2417593

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