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ISC Question Paper 2009


Class - XII

PART-I (Compulsory)

Q1. Answer briefly each of the questions (i) to (xv).                       [15 x 2]

(i) Define a Government Company.

(ii) Mention any two circumstances when a private company is deemed to be a public company.

(iii) What is a certificate of incorporation?

(iv) Mention any two functions of the Unit Trust of India.

(v) What is meant by trade credit?

(vi) Give any two circumstances when the director of a joint stock company has to vacate his


(vii) Mention any, four sources of finance for a proprietary form of business organization.

(viii) Why is Management considered a discipline?

(ix) What is the need for principles of management?

(x) What is meant by video conferencing?

(xi) Give any two advantages of written communication.

(xii) State any two differences between packing and packaging.

(xiii) Mention any two objectives of advertising.

(xiv) What is meant by working capital?

(xv) List any two objectives of personal selling.

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Part - II

Q2. (a) Explain any four advantages of investing in mutual funds.              [4]

(b) State any six differences between a share and a debenture.                [6]

Q3. (a) What are the provisions of the Companies Act relating to the appointment of directors by members?                       [4]

(b) Briefly explain the terms:               [6]

       (i) Additional director of a company.

       (ii) Casual director of a company.

Q4. (a) Given any four differences between a savings account and a current account.    [4]

(b) What is meant by crossing of cheques? Explain the two modes of crossing of cheques.    [6]

Q5. Explain any five principles of management as advocated by Henry Fayol.       [10]

Q6. (a) Explain any four objectives of communication.                     [4]

(b) Distinguish between formal communication and informal communication.     [6]

Q7. (a) Difference between Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of a company.

(b) Explain the terms:

       (i) Statutory company

       (ii) Foreign company

Q8. (a) Explain marketing research as a function of marketing.                 [4]

(b) Given any three merits and any three demerits of advertising in the newspaper.          [6]

Q9. Discuss any five characteristics of a Joint Stock Company.             [10]

Q10. Write short notes on:

(a) Cash Credit                                                                       [3]

(b) Functions of an advertising agency                                  [3]

(c) Steps involved in the process of control                          [4]

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