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Sample Paper – 2008

Class – X

Subject – Biology



  Set – 2

[Max. Marks = 80]                                                                  [Time – one hour and a half]

Section – I (40 marks)

Answer all the question from this section


Question – 1.

(a) Choose the most appropriate answer :

   (i) Human stature is the example of :

     (p) Polygenic trait (q) Bigenic trait (r) Monogenic trait (s) Codominance

    (ii) The rate of transpiration increases with :

     (p) increase in humidity of air (q) increase in wind velocity

     (r) reducing light intensity       (s) decrease in wind velocity

    (iii) Development of secondary sexual characters in human males is promoted by :

     (p) ADH (q) oestrogen (r) testosterone (s) ACTH

    (iv) Which of the following is not a method of birth control :

      (p) amniocentesis (q) vasectomy (r) contraceptive pills (s) tubectomy

    (v) Which of the following diseases are infectious :

     (p) Deficiency diseases (q) Communicable diseases (r) Degenerative diseases

     (s) Allergies. 

(b) Name the following :

     (i) Disorders due to fault in chromosome,

     (ii) Division which brings about vegetative growth,

     (iii) The process of attachment of fertilized ovum to uterine wall,

     (iv) The cells of retina which differentiate colour,

     (v) The process in which water absorption needs metabolic energy.

(c) Find if the following statements are true (T) or false (F) :

      (i) Snapdragon gives the example of intermediate expression,

      (ii) When cell is placed in a solution higher concentration, water diffuses out of the cell.

      (iii) Hormones can be proteins, amino acids and steroids,

       (iv) The cutting of spermatic duct in male is called tubectomy,

       (v) NICD in Lucknow is seriously engaged in doing research on infectious diseases.

(d) Complete the following statements by choosing the correct alternative out of those given within brackets.

       (i) Vaccine is dead or weakened  _________ [drug / medicines / microbe]

       (ii) Cell of follicle produce ____________ [oestrogen / testosterone / androgen]

       (iii) The middle ear is filled with ________ [air / water / gas]

       (iv) The splitting of water results in the release of _______ [oxygen / water / oxygen  

                and water]

        (v) The number of chromosome in human being is _________ [40, 46, 48]

(e) Define the following :

    (i) Meiosis, (ii) Transpiration, (iii) Blind spot, (iv) myometrium, (v) Antiserum.

(f) Differentiate between the following :

     (i) X–linked and Y–linked inheritance, (ii) Turger pressure and wall pressure, 

     (iii) J–shaped curve and S–shaped curve, (iv) Active and Passive Immunity,

     (v) Communicable and non-communicable diseases.

(g) Give reason for the following :

     (i) The rate of transpiration increases in hot and dry weather.

     (ii) Grapes shrink when kept in honey.

     (iii) We could not smell the perfumes on our clothes while a person approaching us still perceives its smell.

     (iv) Thyroxine may be administered to young children who show symptoms of cretinism.

     (v) People living in hilly region usually suffer from simple goiter.

(h) Match the following :


(a) Nerium

(ii) Turgidity

(b) Male

(iii) Sunken Stomata

(c) Hypotonic Medium

(iv) Autotrops

(d) Convex lens

(v) Presbyopia

(e) Green plants


Section – II (40 Marks)

Answer ANY FOUR question from this section

Question – 2.

(a) Write in brief about health programme in our country.

(b) What are sulphonamide family of drugs ? Give examples. Name the diseases it can control.


Question – 3.

(a) Which is the most thickly populated country and which is the most thinly populated country in the world ? State reasons for this.

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