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NEW DELHI: Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) has decided to drop out of the Combined Aptitude Test for English (CATE) this year. Though the college had opted for CATE in 2010, it has decided to skip it this year as the new university calendar is very packed leaving little time and resources during admission time.

Head of the English department of LSR, Mitali Mishra, said, "We don't have enough teachers at our disposal for the CATE. According to the new calendar, the exams will continue till June 8. Afterwards, teachers will remain busy with the compulsory evaluation process. There isn't even a 10-day gap between the evaluation and admission process. Despite benefiting from CATE last year, we will have to drop out of it."

However, the total number of colleges joining the CATE will go up to 20 this year with four other colleges, including Kirori Mal College, getting added to the list. The core committee of CATE has finalized its schedule for the 2011-12 admissions.

Over 800 students will be admitted to the BA (honours) English course across 20 colleges through CATE. The sale and receipt of forms will start from May 18. The entrance exam will be conducted on June 12 and aspirants will have to first attempt multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and then answer descriptive questions.

Head of the English department, DU, Sumanyu Satpathy, said, "We are expecting over 6,000 applications this year. The applicants will have to sit for both the exams. Among the general category candidates, answersheets of only those who manage to get a minimum cutoff score in the MCQs will be evaluated. In the case of OBC candidates, however, all answersheets will be evaluated. Last year, 17 colleges participated in the CATE."

Twelve colleges had joined the CATE in its first year in 2009. While Ram Lal Anand (evening) decided to opt out of the test in 2010, another six colleges joined CATE, taking the number to 17. The top colleges which will admit students on the basis of CATE score during the 2011-12 admission session include Hindu, Kirori Mal, Miranda House and IP College. There are 46 colleges which offer BA (honours) English course.

Source: TOI

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