'Britain should standardise overseas students' admission procedures'

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New Delhi, Feb 7 : The standardisation of policies of the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) and the British laws for admission of overseas students in English universities is the one long-term solution rather than suspending the issue of visas to Indian students, an expert said Sunday.

"The numbers race indulged by the British universities in attracting Indian students should be checked. The UKBA should make their universities appoint only accomplished agents," Association of Accredited Advisors for Overseas Education (AAAOE) president Paul C.B.Chellakumar, said.

He was reacting to UKBA's criticism of Indian agents for the troubles of cash-strapped Indian students studying in Britain.

Last month, Britain temporarily suspended issue of student visas in north India.

Chellakumar said UKBA should insist on six months bank balance rather than checking the 28 days bank balance of students aspiring to study in a British university to avoid abuse of the system.



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