British MP seeks action over Aussie attacks on Indians

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London: A British MP representing one of the largest Indian-origin settlements in Europe has demanded to be told what actions the Australian government is taking to prevent further violent attacks on Indians living in Australia.

Keith Vaz, Britain's longest-serving MP of Indian origin, told Australian High Commissioner John Dauth his constituents with family-members living in Australia are scared and upset after mounting violent attacks on Indian students.

"I am most concerned about these spate of attacks. As an India origin MP I represent a large amount of British Indians who are rightly very upset about the safety of Indians in Australia," Vaz, a former Labour minister, said in a letter to Dauth.

Vaz, whose Leicester East constituency in southeast England is known as 'Little India' for its large Indian-origin community, asked the diplomat to inform him of the actions taken by the Australian government to prevent such attacks.

The MP said in a statement later he is "extremely concerned" about the attacks as he has received "anxious messages from constituents with family currently living in Australia who are scared by reports of violence." 

"I am awaiting a response from the Australian High Commissioner on this very serious issue," he said.


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