Campaign for better GDP share for education to begin Feb 17

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New Delhi: The National Coalition for Education (NCE) will embark on a week-long campaign beginning Feb 17 to demand allocation of six percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) for education.

'We have already communicated our concerns to the finance ministry, ministry of human resource development (HRD), the Planning Commission and the parliamentary standing committee on HRD,' said Ramakant Rai, convenor of NCE. The NCE is a conglomeration of networks working on right to education.

'During the budget session, children from eight states will march along the Parliament Street with their teachers, representatives of the civil society and a few parliamentarians to press for their demands,' Rai said.

In addition, the campaign will also seek to implement the right to education 'in the right spirit', Rai said. On Feb 18, the children will walk to the doors of parliamentarians, expressing their concerns.

'Most kids participating in the campaign are from Naxal-affected areas, rescued bonded child labourers, children who dropped out of school and others who have been affected by the government's inaction on education rights. This will be an opportunity for them to speak their mind,' Rai said.


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