CBSE to scrap half-yearly, annual exams till Class XI

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KOLKATA: The annual and half-yearly mode of examinations in schools will soon be over. Days after the Union HRD ministry asked schools to dump the archaic system and switch over to continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) mode up to Class VIII, the CBSE wants to take it forward. Schools under the CBSE have introduced the CCE up to Class X replacing the board examination from the 2010-11 session. The board now proposes to extend the new system to Class XI from the coming 2011-12 session. The proposal awaits a go-ahead from the HRD ministry.

Like in semesters, the entire syllabus will be divided into four schedules. Students have to take class tests including project work and viva that will help teachers assess the student’s level of understanding. These tests will be followed by another test spread over a bigger syllabus.

The idea is to ensure that students don’t learn by rote. Instead of the old half-yearly and annual system, students will now have to take four “formative” tests, more intensive but based on few chapters, and two “summative” covering half of the lessons taught in class.

“We want to introduce a comprehensive assessment system till the candidates appear for their first and only board examinations after class XII. The stress will be more on internal assessment,” said a senior CBSE official.

source: TOI

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