'Hara-Kiri' for Puducherry medical college project

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Puducherry: Owing to lack of funds, Puducherry Home Minister E. Valsaraj on Friday expressed the difficulty of the government to complete the medical college project on time.

Mr. Valsaraj, who also presides over the health portfolio, said that the annual budget for Health Department was only around Rs.110 crore out of which more than Rs.60 crore would be needed to meet the recurring expenditure even if the government completes the project.

The government had approached the Union Health Ministry to relax the unitary campus norm policy for setting up medical colleges.

"With the relaxation of the rule, the facility at Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital and Postgraduate Institute could be used to treat patients and the college could be established at the anticipated site formedical college at That tanchavady," he said.

However, Mr. Valsaraj was skeptical on the issue of getting relaxation for the Union Territory, as the planned amendment was valid for setting upmedical college in hilly and remote areas.

The management took a loan of Rs.6 crore from Puducherry Industrial Promotion Development and Investment Corporation to meet the financial obligations for the employees of Anglo French Textiles.

Director of Health and Family Welfare Services Dilip Kumar Baliga said, "In order to educate the youth for the need to have a healthy lifestyle, the department would conduct a special drive."


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