IIT-Delhi earns more from research than government grants

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NEW DELHI: (IANS) Contrary to perceptions that Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are not doing enough research, IIT-Delhi has earned over Rs.102 crore (Rs.1.2 billion) in a year from research projects -- more than what the government gives it as annual grant.

Sponsored research saw a major growth in the number of projects as well as in revenue earning during 2008-09.

"The earning from sponsored research is growing year after year. Now our earnings are more than the government's recurring aid of Rs.100 crore to us. This is a landmark," M. Balakrishnan, dean of post-graduate studies at IIT-Delhi, told IANS.

He said the top technology school has managed to earn Rs.102.81 crore (Rs.1.28 billion) last year up from Rs.28.2 crore (Rs.282 million) in 2004-05 and Rs.84 crore (Rs.840 million) in 2007-08.

“This is contrary to belief that we are very poor on research output,” Balakrishnan said.
The number of sponsored research projects has gone up from 87 in 2005 to 138 in the last fiscal. Similarly, IIT Delhi also helped corporates in nearly 700 consultancy jobs.

Balakrishnan said that during the 2008-09 period, the faculty undertook 27 international projects including seven from US defence aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

Other foreign bodies who came to IIT-Delhi for help include Canada's International Development Research Centre and departments of science and technology of Germany and Britain. Organisations from Sri Lanka, Kenya, France, Switzerland and Japan too got involved with the top engineering school for research work.

Among Indian organisations, Bharti Airtel, Aeronautical Development Agency, Indian Council of Agricultural Research and various central and state government ministries sought IIT-Delhi's assistance to seek solutions.

--- IANS

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