Jamia Millia Islamia turns 89 years old

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New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), enjoying the last year of being an octogenarian is heading for its Founder's Day on October 29 in lieu of which, the campus will host an annual educational fair called 'Talimi Mela' between October 29 and 31 constituting of music, dance, plays and lectures.

Swami Agnivesh a social activist will inaugurate the three-day fair. It will include a chain of activities such as street plays, puppet shows, music and dance competitions, painting, slogan and cartoon competitions, photo exhibitions, film screenings and public lectures.

The first day of the fest will constitute of a 'Health Mela' being inaugurated in the morning while the evening will be devoted to Sufi songs sung by an eminent Sufi singer Anita Singhvi.

The second day is going to be a 'smile' day at the campus with the newly opened Faculty of Dentistry organizing an interesting "Mr. and Miss Smile" contest on October 30.

The university will also hold its Convocation ceremony on the last day of the fest, which will be presided over by the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mr. Omar Abdullah.

Various memorial lectures have also been scheduled during these three days.

"More details of the festival are available on the Jamia website. Entry is free for all programmes, including lectures, film screenings, plays and evening performances," said Jamia's media and culture director Rakhshanda Jalil.


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