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Nokia has unveiled a new “smartphone” the Nokia C5, a Symbian S60 third edition handset offering decidedly mid-range features in a slimline candybar design. While Nokia calls the device a “smartphone in a feature phone body,” what the C5 offers isn’t arguably that smart in an increasing competitive market. Nokia has introduced a smartphone for masses. The announcement made in Germany, Hanover at CEBIT 2010, also adds a new series to Nokia's product lineup, Nokia C series. 
Here's looking into all that Nokia's new smartphone offers.


Going against current smartphone trends, C5 is a candybar-shaped device with a numerical keypad. The smartphone measures 12.3mm x 46mm x 112mm (0.48in x 1.81in x 4.4in) and weighs 89.3 grams. There's a 2.2-inch 320 x 240 pixel QVGA display that supports 16 million colors.

Connectivity & Social networking

C5 runs on the Symbian S60 OS (third edition). Users can also surf the Web using HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access). For music lovers, C5 supports a 3.5mm headphone jack and inbuilt stereo FM radio. The battery is 1050Mah that offers 12 hrs of GSM talk time and 26 hrs of standby. Other features include Bluetooth, secondary camera for video calls, 5-way Navi key and two soft keys.

The first of Nokia's Cseries handset focuses on social networking. C5 comes with integrated support for Facebook and MySpace in the address book, and support for e-mail and instant messaging. According to Nokia's blog, "The Nokia C5 boasts a cool new feature in its phone book, where you can see your friends’ status updates directly from Facebook. You can also update your Facebook status easily... The home screen will show off your favourite three friends for easy access to calling and messaging whilst Nokia Messaging enables you to keep in touch on IM using Google Talk or Windows Live Messenger," adds the blog.

Camera and storage

C5 comes with a 3.2-megapixel camera with auto focus and LED flash. The device packs 50MB of onboard memory and includes a 2GB microSD card. There is support for cards that can store up to 16GB. C5 will ship in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa in the coming months.

Email support and navigation

The list of supported email services on C5 include its own Ovi Mail, Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail and Google's Gmail. Users can also communicate with instant messaging services like Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger. Users can share location with the latest version of Ovi Maps, which offers free walk and drive navigation, according to Nokia. The phone will be available in two colors white and warm grey.


The C5 handset will be one of the cheapest smartphones from Nokia, selling for Rs 9000 approximately ($183), excluding taxes and subsidies, and hitting the shelves next quarter. The Finnish firm is in the midst of a massive revamp of its smartphone offering and has said in 2010 almost all of its smartphones would have a touch screen, a full keyboard or both, compared with fewer than half in 2009. Volumes on the smartphone market are seen surging in 2010, with some analysts forecasting up to 50 percent growth, as handset vendors are pushing advanced features, once exclusive to pricey top-end models, into cheaper and cheaper phones. The boom of cheap smartphones, coupled with flat data rates from operators, are boosting the take up of mobile Internet usage around the world.

Video: Hands on Nokia C5:

The C5run on S60 3rd Edition FP2, features GPS, Bluetooth, HSPA, Facebook & More. At CeBIT Nokia introduced the new C5 & the C-Series

source: TOI

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