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NEW DELHI: With NDMC claiming that the Commonwealth Games projects are well on track, it can now focus on other plans not related to the sporting extravaganza. No wonder, the civic body is talking about new projects.

After getting quality accreditation for five of its 11 Navyug Schools, NDMC is planning to open new branches of these schools with an aim to provide educational facilities on par with private schools.

"We must now increase the number of Navyug Schools in the area to cater to the rising demand. We will request L&DO to give us land to build new schools. If that doesn't happen, we will upgrade our existing NDMC schools," said NDMC chairperson Parimal Rai on Wednesday.

That's not all. The quality accreditation has certainly boosted the morale of NDMC's education department. As a result, the civic body is ready with different schemes for the direct benefit of students studying in NDMC and Navyug schools. After spending Rs 9.20 lakh for scholarships to the girl child last year, NDMC is now extending the benefit to all students. A scholarship of Rs 100 per month will be started for students of classes VI to XII if they secure 60% or above.

"We are also planning to introduce a scheme called Lakshya under which we will prepare students for entrance exams for various professional courses. We may also start intensive professional coaching for sports," Rai added.

NDMC will also come up with new projects for the health sector in 2010-11. It is putting in place an integrated disease surveillance project (IDSP) to track the warning signs of the outbreak of any disease in its area and accordingly prevent or control it. According to the NDMC officials, the system will provide essential data to monitor the progress of any ongoing disease control programmes and also help in allocating health resources effectively. According to Rai, a patient monitoring system is also being installed in emergency departments and operation theatres while four new ambulances are being procured.

Soon there will also be a web-based building plan approval in the NDMC area. If the plan materialises, people will be able to apply for approvals online and also later track the status of their application. NDMC also has plans to modernise its power generation and distribution system.

source: TOI

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