Sibal finally nods for common science, maths syllabus from 2011

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New Delhi: From the 2011 academic year, all school boards across India will have a common curriculum in science and maths for classes XI and XII, to give students a level playing field and help them in taking competitive examinations. The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal announced this on Tuesday.

"Today is a historic day for all students. There will be a core curriculum in the science stream (both science and mathematics) for allschool boards across India. This will be implemented in 2011," Sibal told reporters.

"This was done with unanimity. This will provide a level playing field for all students studying in Classes XI and XII," he added.  Sibal met at least 20 members of school educational boards from various states to discuss the core curriculum in the science stream.

Welcoming the move, Bihar School Education Board chairman A.K.P. Yadav told the sources, "This will bring all students from the country on a single platform - to study a similar course and compete in examinations like Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and medical entrance."  Sibal has been in touch with state boards for the last five months to devise a common course for schools.


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