Sibal in US, to seek partnership for innovation varsities

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WASHINGTON: India's Human Resource Development minister Kapil Sibal is in the US to seek partnership with leading American universities for an initiative to set up 14 innovation universities in India to push research and development.

Sibal will meet senior officials at the Departments of State and Education as also presidents of several US universities as part of an endeavour to forge greater collaboration in the field of education.

He is also set to meet academicians of Indian origin. During Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's July visit to India, education was identified as one of the pillars of deepening relationship between the two countries. Sibal will talk about the expansion of India's education infrastructure in a speech Thursday at Georgetown University, Washington.

Sibal met with top officials of three top universities, Howard, Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in New York Monday and discussed the prospects of partnership and collaboration with elite Indian institutions.

Sibal, who has developed a comprehensive strategy to overhaul India's higher education system, believes India is the obvious choice for education investment and Europe and Australia would soon be seeking human resources from India.


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