IGNOU BCA Sem-1 Assignment (CS-611: Fundamentals and PC Software)

CS-611: Fundamentals and PC Software

Assignment Code                  :           BCA(1)-611/Assign/09

Maximum Marks                  :           25

Last Date of submission        :           30th April, 2009/30th October, 2009


There are eight questions in this assignment.  Answer all questions. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance explanations.  


Q. 1         What is Computer System? Explain Structure of Computer.         (3 Marks)


Q. 2         What is memory system? Explain the memory hierarchy.            (3 Marks)


Q. 3         What is printer? Explain different types of printers.

                                                                                                                        (3 Marks)

Q. 4         Explain the differences between followings:   

i.                Pipelining and Vector Processing

ii.              Synchronous and Asynchronous

iii.            Bus topology and Ring topology

(3 Marks)

Q. 5         What is an E-mail? Explain advantages E-mail.                             (3 Marks)


Q.6          Explain how you can protect your machine from computer viruses. Also explain the process of removal of a computer virus from a virus infected machine.                  (3 Marks)


Explain how you will handle following problems

(i)           You have to recover a deleted file.

(ii)         You have to remove a software from your system.

(iii)       You have to search a .doc file from C drive.

(iv)       You need to share a newly created folder with other users.

                                                                                                 (2 Marks)

Q.8        Create a document using Microsoft-Word for the courses offered in IGNOU BCA Programme. This document should have


·             Objective of BCA Programme.

·             Guidelines for doing Assignments.

·             Attendance Requirements

·             A table having all the BCA courses.

·             The pages should have margins as what they are in your

Programme Guide.  The document should have page number.

Proper colors and fonts should be used to give more emphasis on certain points.                                                                              (5 Marks)

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