IGNOU BCA Sem-2 Assignment (CS-612: PC Software and Application Skills)

CS-612: PC Software and Application Skills

Assignment Code                  :           BCA(2)-612/Assignment/2009

Maximum Marks                  :           25

Last Date of submission        :           30 th April, 2009/30th October, 2009

There are Five questions in this Assignment. Answer all the questions.


Q.1       (i) Explain in detail all the options/items on the Menu bar and Tool bar of Internet Explorer.                                                                        (3 Marks)

(ii) What is Internet Firewall? Find Internet Firewall by browsing the Internet. List the browsed URLs and the information associated with them.     (3 Marks)


Q.2       (a) Find the smallest number n, which has the following properties:

i)               Its decimal representation has 4 as the last digit;

ii)             It is divisible by 6 and 8.

iii)           It is a square number

                                                                                                       (3 Marks)

(b) For any prime p >= 5, prove that p2+2 is composite.

                                                                                                            (2 Marks)

Q.3       Explain with example how charts are used in analysis. Also explain the different  types of charts available in Excel.                                                  (4 Marks)


Q.4      Create a work book in Excel which include following for an IGNOU BCA Study Centre:

(i)        Records of personal information (name, age, address, sex, semester etc) of all the students in various semesters. A separate worksheet for each semester should be used.

(ii)       Student’s monthly attendance status semester wise, in a separate work sheet should be stored in ascending order on enrollment numbers.

(iii)      Students allocation trend in last five years in various semesters

(I – VI). Proper chart should be used to reflect the trend graphically.

(iv)      Attendance record subject–wise at the end of semester should be stored for each course.


 You can suggest the way how one component for keeping information of marks obtained by students in assignments of various courses can be incorporated in your work book.                        (6 Marks)

Q.5      Prepare appropriate Chart using Excel for representing ii, iii, and iv of

            Question 4 given above.                                                  (4 Marks)


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