IGNOU BCA Sem-4 Assignment (CS-67 : RDBMS Lab)

CS-67 :           RDBMS Lab

Assignment code     :           BCA (4)-66/Assignment/ 2009

Maximum Marks                  :           25

Last Date of Submission       :           30th April, 2009/30th October, 2009

There are two questions in this assignment. Answer all the questions. You may use examples illustrations or diagrams to support your answer. You have to implement the database system using any RDBMS.

Q. 1    A Pharmacy company keeps track of its product, customers and raw material suppliers using a database management system. The company produces two basic types of products – products for general medical purposes and products that can not be sold without prescriptions. The customers of the Pharmacy may be individuals or other companies. Perform the following activities for the company:

(a)    Make an ER-diagram for the company, stating assumptions if any. You may use the concept of keys, aggregation, generalisation, cardinality etc. in a proper way.                            (2 marks)

(b)   Design the suitable RDBMS tables for the ER-diagram so created in part (a). The database design should include keys, foreign keys, constraints and referential integrity constraints.                                                                                (2 marks)

(c)    Implement the database design that you have created in (b) using a RDBMS – our advice is that you choose either MySQL or MS ACCESS to do so.         (2 marks)

(d)   Create four data entry forms with suitable checks for the database so created.                                                                                                                           (2 marks)

(e)    Enter at least 4 sets of records in each table preferably using data entry form created in part (d)                               (2 marks)

(f)     Create four reports for the database you have created. The reports should have proper headings and page numbers and should include totals, if needed.                                                     (2 marks)

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