CS-05 : Elements Of Systems Analysis & Design-December,2006



Term-End Examination

December, 2006



Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 75

Note - Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any

three questions from the rest

1- (a) what is feasibility ? Describe any five types of

feasibility study. (6)

(b) Discuss the different types of systems (8)

(c) Explain the role of a System Analyst. What are the

attributes of a good analyst ? (8)

(d) What is a data dictionary and why is it used ? What

are the major symbols used .in a data dictionary ? (6)

Support your answer with an example.

(e) Define Tangible and Intangible Costs and Benefits. (2)


(a) Define System. Explain any four characteristics of a (5)


(b) Elaborate the five parts of the system design process. (5)

(c) List the major tasks of system development. (5)

3. (a) What is testing ? Explain the various levels of testing (5)

involved in system development.

(b) What is multimedia ? Explain the various components of multimedia. (6)

(c) Write a short note on "Civil Liability" (4)


(a) What is the purpose of a DFD ? What are the (7)

charting forms necessary to draw a DFD ? List the

rules that govern construction of a DFD

(b) Explain Preliminary Investigation as the first step in (8)

the development of a system. What are the various

activities involved in this step ? Explain them briefly.

5. (a) In an organization, a number of project requests are (6)

generated. What methods are adopted by the organization for selecting the requests to be pursued ?

(b) What are files and why are they needed ? explain (5)

briefly any,three types of file organizations.

(c) Write a short note on "Audit Trail". (4)

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