IGNOU MCA Assignmect New Course Sem-1(MCSL-017: C and Assembly Language Programming)

MCSL-017: C and Assembly Language Programming

Assignment Code                  :           MCA(1)/017/Assign/09

Maximum Marks                  :           100             

Weightage                              :           25%

Last Dates for Submission    :           30th April, 2009 (For January Session)

                                                            31st October, 2009 (For July Session)                                             


This assignment has two sections. Answer all questions in each section. Each Section is of 20 marks. Your Lab Records will carry 40 Marks. Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. 


                                                          Section 1: C Programming Lab


Write an interactive program in C language to manage a Gas Agency with menu options like Enquiry, New Connection, Booking, Change in Address, Billing, Surrender the Gas Connection etc. using the file handling concepts.  The application should be designed user-friendly.                                                                               

                                                                                                                                   (20 marks)


Note: You must execute the program and submit the program logic, sample input and output along with the necessary documentation for this question. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary.                    


Section 2: Assembly Language Programming Lab



(a)        Write and run an assembly language program that accepts two input values of single ASCII digit each, converts these values to binary and multiplies the two values. The Result is kept in the AL register.                                                                                                                                 (6 Marks)                                                                                                                  

(b)        Write and run an assembly program that checks if two strings are identical. Assume that the strings are stored one after the other in the memory. In case the two strings are identical the program output should be IDENTICAL, otherwise the output should be NOT IDENTICAL.            (7 Marks)


(c )       Write and run a assembly subroutine that multiplies two numbers passed to it as parameters. You must write and run the appropriate main program that calls the subroutine.                    (7 Marks)

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