MCS-024 Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming - 2008

Course Code : MCS-024

Course Title : Object Oriented Technologies

and Java Programming

Assignment Number : MCA (2)/024/Assign/08

Assignment Marks : 100

Maximum Marks : 25%

Last Dates for Submission : 31st October, 2008 ( for July,08 session)

30th April, 2009 (for Jan, 09 session)

There are eight questions in this assignment, which carries 80 marks. Rest 20 marks

are for viva-voce. Answer all the questions. Also in your programs give

appropriate comments to increase understandability. Please go through the

guidelines regarding assignments given in the Program Guide for the format of


Question 1:

(a) What is Object Orientation? Explain advantages of Object Orientation.

(5 Marks)

(b) Explain different applications of Java programming language. (5 Marks)

Question 2:

(a) Explain the meaning of super with example in Java. (3 Marks)

(b) Write a Java program to explain the use of logical operators in Java. (5 Marks)

(c) Explain need of abstract class in Java programming. (2 Marks)

Question 3:

(a) What is break and continue in Java?. Write a program to explain the

uses of these break and continue in java. (5 Marks)

(b) Explain why main method in Java is always static and public. (2 Marks)

(c) Explain the use of final in Java with an example. (3 Marks)

Question 4:

(a) What is interface in Java ? Write a program in Java to explain interface

and multiple inheritance. (5 Marks)

(b) What is a constructor? Explain the need of constructors overloading in

a Java program. (5 Marks)

Question 5:

(a) What is exception? Explain how exceptions are handled in Java. What are

different types of exceptions in Java. (5 Marks)

(b) Explain need of String classes in Java. Also write a program in Java show how

different String Class Constructors are used to create String object. (5 Marks)

Question 6:

(a) What is Multithreading? Explain different ways of implementation of

multithreading in Java. (5 Marks)

(b) What is Layout Manager? Explain different layout managers available in Java.

(5 Marks)

Question 7:

(a) What is Applet? Explain Applet lifecycle. (5 Marks)

(b) Explain Color Controls available in Java. (5 Marks)

Question 8:

a) What is Proxy Sever? Explain Advantages of Proxy Server. (5 Marks)

b) What is JDBC? Write a Java program to make a JDBC connection. (5 Marks)

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